Global Leadership: The Next Generation

Global Leadership: The Next Generation

by Marshall Goldsmith, Cathy Greenberg, Maya Hu- Chan, Alastair Robertson, Warren G. Bennis, and Marshall G. Goldsmith
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April 01, 2003
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The follow-up to Marshall Goldsmith's 500,000-copy bestseller The Leader of the Future, Global Leadership: The Next Generation systematically identifies what tomorrow's leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead the global enterprise of the future.

Drawing on the results of an extraordinary 2-year Accenture study of emerging business leaders, this book shows why the skills of today's global leaders won't be enough--and why tomorrow's leaders won't resemble today's. Goldsmith and his co-authors first identify five new "factors of leadership" and their implications: global thinking, appreciation of diversity, technological savvy, a willingness to partner and an openness to sharing leadership. They explain what it will mean to lead in an era where intellectual capital is the dominant source of value; how to lead people whose backgrounds and values may be radically dissimilar from yours; and why achieving personal self-mastery is now a fundamental prerequisite for leading others.

From the evolution of "federated," semi-autonomous organizational structures to the personal leadership challenges now arising from globalism, this book offers unprecedented insights into the new challenges of leadership--and what it will take to meet them.

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