The ASTD Management Development Handbook: Innovation for Today's Manager

The ASTD Management Development Handbook: Innovation for Today's Manager

by Lisa Haneberg and Betsy Myers
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The ASTD Management Development Handbook is a powerful and useful collection of writing covering many aspects of management in today’s business climate. Deftly edited by management expert Lisa Haneberg, The ASTD Management Development Handbook provides the best and most insightful thinking on leadership from modern management professionals who are in touch with the issues, challenges, opportunities, and dynamics present in contemporary corporate culture. These contributors, while writing in a range of styles and on a range of management- and leadership-related topics, have in common a great deal of real-world managerial experience, a passion for communicating their insights clearly, and a desire to share their cutting-edge thinking on best management practices.


Among its many focused lessons, some of the aspects of successful management today covered by The ASTD Management Development Handbook are:


● understanding and working with the complexity, power, and energy dynamics within organizations


● creating workplace cultures where authenticity, openness, quality, community, happiness, and recognition flourish


● the importance of continued learning, and the crucial role the brain physiology and performance connection plays in leadership and management


● grasping and utilizing the manager’s role in creating and transforming organizational culture


● developing, leading, and maintaining teams that work efficiently and productively together, and learning how to enable overall team success


● the theory and practice of management as a social act, and the requirements and opportunities this offers


● using conveyance to increase performance and build success for yourself, your team members, and your organization


● becoming adept at creating, inspiring, and engaging productive workplaces.


In collecting and distilling the wisdom of a broad range of experienced management and leadership practitioners and thinkers, each of whom writes on his or her own specific area of expertise, The ASTD Management Development Handbook suffers from no blind spots or filler chapters. Instead, it is a vital, cohesive compilation of the most current thinking on modern managerial practices available today, filled with concise, focused, pragmatic lessons and wisdom.

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